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Jump Safe

A Signed Waiver is required for every Epic Jumper

If under 18, the waiver must be signed by your parent/legal guardian. Please complete the online waiver, available here. Once your waiver is in our system, it will be valid for the next few years. Need to see if your child has a waiver on file? Call us at 847-608-0600.

Epic Air Employees are all trained in trampoline safety and the rules of the park. It is imperative that all participants follow Epic Crew Members instructions at all times. You will be removed from the park if you are not following the rules or listening to any crew member.

Trampolining is an action sport and as action sports go, there can be a risk for injury, reducing risk involves playing by the rules, so please follow the rules we have created to keep you safe.

Rules are in place and are posted in our park for everyone's safety.

Coronavirus Response (3/12/2020):

Since opening in 2011 Epic Air has taken the care and cleanliness of our facility very seriously. Over the last few weeks we have increased these efforts. We adhere to strict safety and sanitation standards, including scheduling 65+ hours of labor devoted to cleaning each week. Guests will find hand sanitizer stations located in our waiting area, party area, and near dodgeball. We encourage guests to wash their hands and continue routine personal hygiene practices.


  • PLEASE follow Epic Crew Members instructions at all times!
  • EVERYONE must have a signed waiver before jumping, if you are under 18, only a legal guardian can sign for you.
  • Everyone must watch the Epic Air Safety Video and have their hand stamped before entering any court regardless of previous visits.
  • NO ONE allowed on ANY court without an appropriate wristband.
  • We reserve the right to take away anyones wristband.
  • NO bouncing under the influence of anything, EVER!
  • NO food, drinks, or gum allowed on courts.
  • No outside food or drinks allowed, except for Birthday cakes.
  • Empty your pockets entirely (no cell phones, glasses, keys, change).
  • Remove sharp objects like belt buckles, studs or jewelry, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • NO wearing shoes on courts; EPIC SOCKS only.
  • PLEASE leave shoes, clothing, and any items in lockers or cubbies.
  • PLEASE be courteous to your fellow jumpers.
  • MOST OF ALL. Please have EPIC FUN! And thanks for jumping with us!
  • PLEASE follow Epic Crew Members instructions at all times!
  • EMPTY your pockets entirely.
  • You may not have anything in your mouth (gum, candy etc.) while on any trampoline court.
  • NO jumping, sitting, or standing anywhere on the court or padded areas.
  • NO touching or leaning on nets.
  • NO climbing on walls and touching pads.
  • You can bounce off the sidewalls, but please land on the first trampoline next to the wall you bounced off of. You must be in control of your body at all times.
  • NO rough play, wrestling, running, shoving, or tag.
  • NO flips or tricks over the padding or onto platforms always walk onto platforms.
  • Double bouncing can cause imbalance, please do not double jump.
  • Please wait your turn in a line NO line jumping.
  • Perform skills within your ability bounce at your own risk.
  • To STOP YOUR BOUNCE flex (bend) your knees as your feet come in contact with the trampoline. NEVER land on pads.
  • MOST OF ALL…Make it an EPIC DAY and thanks for jumping with us!


A completed waiver is required in order to jump!


Epic Air Trampoline Park
1675 N. Lancaster Rd.
South Elgin, IL 60177


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