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Health Benefits

Guaranteed to break a sweat in 5 minutes

Trampolining is for kids, right?

Wrong! It has incredible results for adults apart from the health benefits which are endless. Many scientific studies have led scientists to conclude that jumping on a trampoline is possibly the most effective exercise yet devised by people. It can even make you look and feel younger! Regular cardiovascular exercise by rebounding on a trampoline is one of the vitally important factors to slow the aging process.

Dr. James White at the University of California San Diego says that rebounding exercise is, “the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth that science has discovered,” and that rebounding “is effective in improving the symptoms of over 80% of the patients reporting to our rehabilitation lab.”

As an exercise program the trampoline is perfect for starting from scratch. You can bounce very gently to get you started and slowly build up to more energetic routines. Unlike jogging and running, trampoline exercises have a zero-impact stress on your joints and bodily systems.

Trampoline exercise reduces your body fat which is highly beneficial for diabetes and many other diseases. It provides an aerobic exercise activity that is very beneficial for your, lungs, heart and respiratory system and the great thing is it provides your body energy when it’s tired. All of these measures are tremendously beneficial for the prevention of heart disease. Regular exercise using the trampoline helps combat depression. It is widely known that exercise in general helps with depression. But trampolining is particularly advantageous as it has a fear factor. This fear factor produces adrenalin which lifts your mood tremendously. Plus, it just makes you laugh! especially when you fall over and feel silly! On a scientific level, the trampoline helps normalize your blood pressure and helps prevent cardiovascular disease and lowers elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Can you imagine feeling better and finding relief from neck and back pains, headaches, and other pain caused by lack of exercise? What about restless nights, or if you are stressed out, regular exercise provides ways to relieve stress and promotes easier relaxation and better sleep patterns.

How does all of this work?

At the peak of a bounce every cell in your body is suspended for a split second in a state of weightlessness. At the bottom of the bounce, every cell in your body is receiving as much as 2-4 times normal gravitational force (2-4 times your normal weight). As every cell is stressed, each in turn develops more strength! Because the body interprets the acceleration and deceleration of bouncing on a trampoline as an increase in gravitational pull, muscles and bones gain strength, far beyond what is considered normal. Every time you land on a trampoline your body or cells want to collapse upon impact. In order not to collapse or crumble upon impact your cells must resist. This resistance is what builds strength, cellular strength.

Remember this: Each and every cell in the entire body is simultaneously getting stronger. ALL of your body – your face, legs, arms, calves, waist, back, shoulders, chest, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, bladder and all internal organs are getting stronger and healthier together. At the same time your lymphatic system is working to remove poisons and toxins, giving you DOUBLE benefit.

Trampolining provides pure pleasure in freedom of moving, turning, twisting & stretching.
MOST OF ALL. SMILE, LAUGH & HAVE EPIC FUN and thanks for jumping with us!

Benefits and Fitness

Exercise in Disguise – the King of Exercise

  • Burn 1000 calories per hour – Jump, Jump and Away!
  • When you jump, every muscle, tendon, organ and cell in your body is strengthened!
  • Jumping enhances balance, flexibility, coordination, reaction speed, timing & agility.
  • If you bounce for just 10 minutes, it is like jogging for 30 minutes – without the stress on your body.
  • Trampolining increases your metabolism which means you are burning more calories!
  • NASA states that the benefits of the trampoline are 68% more efficient than jogging.
  • Just as astronauts experience while floating in space, your body is in state of weightlessness at the top of the bounce.
  • Rebounding is an exercise that reduces your body fat – and gives your body energy when it is tired. Jump when you NEED energy, not just when you HAVE energy.
  • Externally your skin will smooth, tighten and you will look more youthful and diminish lines and wrinkles – you will get a natural face lift.


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