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Epic Birthdays Matter!

Epic Birthdays Matter!

August 26, 2016

Next to asking for directions, the most common phone calls we receive at Epic Air are in regards to our birthday parties. Sometimes the moment we pick up the phone the family member is ready to go with a preferred time, date, and pizza choices. Other times a party coordinator picks up the phone to speak with a family member who’s simply looking for more information. The undecided customer is secretly our favorite! I can genuinely tell you that each of our party coordinators love Epic Air. It’s because we love our facility that we want to tell you all about it. We want you to have your child’s birthday with us, because we firmly believe that birthdays are important! They are a time for celebration of what is near and dear to our hearts: life, childhood, and family fun.


Our staff is used to working in a high energy environment – kid’s can literally jump off the walls in our facility. So naturally when a birthday child arrives at the party counter our excitement goes from 0 to 60 pretty quickly! As a party host, we’re ready to make every piece your experience – from the birthday t-shirt pick out, to the private dodgeball game, to the cake cutting – and even clean up – EPIC! Not because this is our job, but because making kids feel excited and special is what we love to do.


Sometimes for us Party Hosts this can also be a lot of pressure. We recognize that your child only turns seven years old once, so we don’t get do overs. We’ve always been taught that at Epic Air birthday parties are so much more than a business transaction. They are an experience that is the core of our business’s purpose. That’s why when we’re choosing a table cloth to roll out on your party table, we’re trying to guess your child’s favorite color. When we put your cake in the refrigerator, we’re making special note of the design so later we can “guess” that your child’s favorite Disney princess is Elsa. When we notice one of your child’s friends is wearing a Ninja Turtles t-shirt, we’re trying to remember all of the turtles’ names so we can talk to the guest about who their favorite character is.  When we tell you that we, “Hope to see you again soon at Epic Air!”, we really mean it.


It’s not until your child whines that the end of their party that they have to go home and can’t stay at Epic Air forever that we feel successful. Because when our schedule reads, “Party Host: Saturday 11am – 2pm”, we know that it’s not just another day that we have to show up at work. It’s the day that we get the opportunity to celebrate your child’s life and their only seventh birthday with them in the most epic way possible.



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