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5 Minutes with Our Epic Employees

5 Minutes with Our Epic Employees

February 26, 2018

When your family visits Epic Air, one of the most exciting things for kids is the opportunity to interact with our Epic employees. It can sometimes be difficult to get to know the employees while they are working; so we sat down and asked them about their experiences at Epic Air, whether it be memories, things they’ve learned, or just overall thoughts.

At Epic Air there is never a dull moment with our staff when they are having just as much fun as the kids jumping. One of our employees, Kijana, stated, “I was able to realize how outgoing I am and my favorite part is that I can be myself and be able to put a smile on kids’ faces while parents are there smiling too because they see how happy their child is.” This shows how the experience is great for everyone. Another thought on this comes from Hanna who explains the environment of the park as clean and filled with excitement. “All the kids that come, I can tell they have a great time and they bring so much happiness to the park along with the fellow employees who enjoy working with the kids.” Epic Air is an interactive family outing, because everyone can literally bounce off the walls! Beto, one of our experienced Court Monitors stated, “It takes a lot of patience, ability to interact, and enthusiasm which is key because you want to make the jumpers’ day EPIC.”


Our goal at Epic Air is to make lasting memories not only for our guests, but our staff will cherish these memories too. Hanna was able to experience a truly memorable moment at Epic Air. She explained, “My favorite memory at epic was surprising a little girl for her birthday party. They had just moved to Michigan and they came back and invited her old friends to their party. They were the first party of that Sunday so we all hid behind couches by the entrance and when she came in we yelled “surprise” making this little girl so happy to where she started crying. It was definitely a very touching moment.” Another great memory was from a super hero themed party that Molly hosted. “The party mom brought super hero capes and masks for all the kids and I got to wear one too!” However, sometimes it’s just the little things that make an impact which is shown through Kijana’s memory of spending some time with a little two year old girl just rolling basketballs back and forth. “A smile never left her face.”

No matter what you are sure to have an EPIC experience when you visit Epic Air with the help of our amazing employees who share the same excitement as you.


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